Lifting A Slab with Mudjacking

Mudjacking in Virginia from ReliableOne of the best ways to fix a concrete slab foundation that has started to shift or settle is to invest in mudjacking services. Mudjacking is a concrete repair method designed to lift slabs. The method involves injecting a grout under the slab to fill in voids and lift the concrete. Mudjacking can be used on nearly any type of concrete slab, from the foundation of your home to your patio to your driveway to your garage foundation. It is a great way to save money on concrete repair.

The mudjacking process, also known as slabjacking, requires a few specific steps. Although it is a relatively simple and quick process, the lifting is somewhat precise and is best left to professionals such as the team at Reliable Masonry and Waterproofing.

The steps that go into mudjacking are:

  1. The first step is to drill a series of holes in the concrete slab. These holes are placed in a strategic manner that seeks to maximize lifting of the slab while at the same time minimizing the loss of structural integrity of the concrete.
  2. The next step is an injection. A grout mixture is injected into the holes to fill any voids that have been formed underneath the slab. This will give back the support that the foundation needs. Once the voids are filled, the grout injection starts to lift the concrete to the proper position.
  3. Once the grout is injected, the slab is back to normal and can be used as regular. The last step is the cleaning process – the holes are filled, the equipment removed, and the site cleaned up.

The primary steps in the mudjacking process help to fix concrete settlement and to seal any slab cracks that may have formed due to the foundation movement.

Mudjacking Advantages

Mudjacking is a concrete leveling method used to lift and repair slabs that have started to sink and settle for various reasons – erosion and soil shrinkage can form voids that cause your foundation to settle, poor soil compaction may lead to foundation settlement over time, root growth from vegetation planted near your slab can push on the concrete and cause it to settle, and so on. No matter how your slab starts to settle, it can lead to many different problems.

Slab Repair with Mudjacking in Virginia from ReliableThe following issues are commonly caused by a settling foundation, which can be taken care of using mudjacking techniques:

These are some of the problems that can be corrected with mudjacking from Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry. Choose mudjacking for an economical, effective, durable solution for your concrete lifting needs. Call us today for more information.