Don’t Attempt DIY Foundation Repair for Your Virginia Home

Ask anyone who specializes in foundation repair and you will always get the same answer: Do not attempt DIY foundation repair! There is a reason for this. The most important part of any structure, whether it be your home or business, is its foundation. The foundation of a structure is what holds it together and prevents it from falling apart. When a building experiences foundation failure it really means that the whole structure is slowly falling apart. Without a strong and healthy foundation, a home or business can not stand.DIY foundation repair

If your Virginia home or business is experiencing foundation failure, which you may be able to tell through signs such as foundation cracks, sticking windows and doors, sloping or uneven floors, or sinking foundation, make sure to contact the professionals at Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry. If you attempt DIY foundation repair and it is not installed correctly, the structure could fall apart faster, leading to a major problem that could cost you many thousands of dollars. Come to the professionals first. We are sure to install any repairs correctly the first time. You will not have to worry about foundation repair again if the professionals do it.

Common Problems that may Affect your Virginia Home

There are a variety of, what may seem to be, small and insignificant problems that may affect your home which may actually signify that your Virginia home or business is experiencing foundation failure. While these common problems may seem to be no problem alone, they usually appear alongside many other of these problems. Keep an eye out for these problems, and you may be able to catch foundation failure in its earliest stages, allowing you to get repairs that will be less complex, less expensive, and less time-consuming. Some of these common problems include:Foundation Wall Cracks

The most common of these common problems are usually the cracks. Some of the first signs of foundation failure are cracks, almost all around the home or business, and not just around the foundation either. They may appear in the basement or crawl space, ground floors, or even floors above the ground floor. If you notice cracking, especially alongside any of these other common problems, make sure to contact the professionals at Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry. No matter what your problem is, Reliable can help. We offer services beyond foundation repair including waterproofing, crawl space repair, masonry, brick re-pointing, and even concrete restoration. Contact us today to learn more!