Do you have Floor Cracks in Your Home?

floor cracks virginiaFloor cracks could be a sign of a wet basement coming your way, or also a sign of foundation failure. Either way, you want to have a professional evaluate your cracks.

Floor cracks, as well as wall cracks, slab cracks, foundation cracks, sloping floors, bowing and leaning walls, water stains and more, can be signs you need repair right away.


We offer a wide variety of waterproofing solutions that can help prevent floor cracks. We offer sump pumps and pits and interior and exterior drainage solutions. If you implement these solutions, we can help you prevent cracks in your floor from becoming bigger problems in the future.

Sump pumps and pits can help you manage the water running beneath your home and our drainage solution will move water away from your foundation ensuring the safety of your foundation in the future.

Foundation Repair

We offer many underpinning solutions that can provide support and lift your foundation floor and walls.

  • Plate anchors are the most economical method for providing support to cracked or bowed basement walls.
  • Helical tieback anchors can help bowing or leaning walls by providing strength and support as well and are good for other smaller projects like porches or garage columns.
  • Steel push piers provide lift when doing foundation repairs. These push piers are driven to rock or load-bearing soils and then can lift the house back to its original state.

No matter what the need, Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry has you covered.

Floor Cracks Can Be Repaired

So, that small floor crack may seem like a small thing, but remember it can be an indication of a bigger problem. Count on our team at Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry to assess your cracks and let you know if one of our waterproofing or underpinning solutions might be right for you.

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