Solutions for Foundation Cracks

ceiling cracks VirginiaRegardless of the way a foundation was constructed, walls crack because they are overloaded with external pressure and/or when the structure has settled or heaved.

Cracks happen and it’s not always that the builders have done a bad job. Unfortunately, cracks are something that just happens on occasion. As a homeowner, discovering that your foundation walls have cracks can be very stressful, but our foundation repair contractors can evaluate the problem and devise a solution that will remedy the entire problem.

It’s important to understand the reason for the crack. Are the cracks vertical or angled?  Horizontal or stair-step? Deep or hairline? Different kinds of cracks mean different causes.

Reasons for Foundation Wall Cracks

Stress points can cause foundation cracks, if they are found around basement windows and stemming from the corners of the walls, the cracks are generally caused by the installation of electrical or gas lines or sewer line installation. Soil saturation is also a cause. As the ground absorbs moisture and becomes saturated, the footings that hold up your house begin to settle causing wall cracks.

Foundation cracks are also a sign of foundation failure. When the soil beneath your foundation gets wet, it will heave and when dry, it will shrink. This constant shifting and moving of the soil also cause your foundation to shift and move, creating foundation cracks and foundation failure.

Some of the other signs to look for around your home that would indicate foundation problems are:

  • Garage column cracks
  • Leaning chimney
  • Bowing walls
  • Wall cracks

Foundation Crack Repair

Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry uses underpinning products such as helical piers and steel push piers to get your foundation back to its original level and structurally sound again. These piers are driven deep into the ground through the unstable soil until they reach a solid soil layer. Then the entire structure is lifted onto these piers.

Our foundation repair products are the best in the industry, manufactured by Earth Contact Products. We have over 30 years of experience in masonry, waterproofing, and foundation repair. With our experience combined with the best products in the industry, you can be assured that your foundation repair will last for many years to come.

At the first signs of foundation failure, such as foundation cracks, it is important to have a professional come and see if you require foundation repair. The longer you wait, the more damage that will occur to the structure of your home or business.

For more information on foundation repair offered by Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry, contact us today!