Foundation Repair During Winter


Foundation Repair During Winter with Snow capped tree

Are you thinking…why foundation repair during winter? Often times, home owners consider foundation repair during winter an interesting choice. However, many experts would suggest this is the best time for foundation repairs. For instance, even though it may be easier to see foundation problems with the naked eye in the spring, there are benefits of foundation repair during winter as well. For example, it is during the winter months when the ground is the easiest to dissect. Our experts in foundation repairs can take a look at your foundation before it is too noticeable in the spring.

Foundation professionals understand that soil plays a huge part in foundation related issues. Consequently, in the winter the soil is typically less moist and more solid due to colder temperatures and less precipitation.  Therefore, Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry can inspect your foundation and the soil beneath your home quite easily this winter. What does this mean exactly? Well, the colder months make your foundation more stable. As a result, it is easier to monitor damage. Because of the ground’s reaction during colder months, the time is now to schedule an appointment.



Winter runs between mid-December and mid-March. Furthermore, winter months tend to be a bit slower for foundation companies in general because of both the weather, and the exhaustion after holiday parties and family gatherings. However, setting a date in the calendar for our team to come out should be quite simple. We will work around your busy schedule to ensure a time that is right for you. Why not get your foundation inspected over the winter, so you can check this ‘to do’ off your spring list.


Please fill out a contact form for a free estimate or give us a call at 804-674-0273. Why not take advantage of our reliable customer service during this slower time of year? After all, foundation repairs in the winter could be the perfect choice for all of your foundation issues. The time is now to fix issues related to your foundation.