Have Sticking Windows & Doors?

Sticking windows and sticking doors are all too common these days. Sometimes these issues are due to poor mud and poor tape jobs, but another well-known cause is foundation problems. How do you know the difference? Typically, if the cracks above and around windows and doors have been repaired but continue to re-open, you probably have a sinking foundation on your hands.

sticking doors

One way to check to see if a settling or sinking foundation may be the culprit of your sticking windows and doors is to use a leveler. Basically, set a level on a window frame or door frame, and check out how unlevel the structure is. If it seems too unlevel, it is best to contact a foundation specialist in order to ensure there are not larger issues occurring under your home’s structure.

Maybe My Sticking Windows Are Just Old?

Sometimes, having old windows and doors can be a problem. After all, years of moisture caused by high humidity will surely cause maintenance issues. In addition, after high levels of moisture and years of use, internal parts of doors and windows can begin to wear down. Again, checking to see how level your doors and windows have become, can often show if the problem is due to the foundation. And most importantly, calling a foundation expert is really the simplest way to find out what is really going on with your sticking windows and sticking doors.

Virginia is known for its older homes, so it is important to understand the difference between just any old window or door, and more serious foundation issues. If you believe you do have more severe foundation issues, try not to avoid them. Avoiding foundation issues is not a good idea because it can lead to increasing issues such as more severe cracks, leaky water, stair-step cracks, and bowing walls.

Contact A Professional

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