Helical Anchors: How They Can Help Your Foundation

Helical anchor on bowed basement wallThese screw piers are best used on slab foundations, porches, and other lightweight structures. They are one of the two most common types of structural piering devices for residential foundation applications in use today. Helical anchors can be used to lift homes or stabilize foundations when driven deeply to stable soils.

Helical anchors can remedy a variety of problems in your home. Most homeowners notice that there’s a problem when they get water in their basements or crawlspaces, but chances are, there are signs that point to a need for foundation repair long before that. A sinking or settling foundation can often cause problems like wall or slab cracks, bowing or leaning walls, sticking doors or windows, and even mold growth due to excess moisture.

Helical Anchor Piers for Foundation Repair

Helical anchors are used when your foundation is sinking or settling and needs lifting. Lifting your foundation with permanent helical anchors can fix cracks and leaning walls, giving your home more support. The quality Earth Contact Products (ECP) helical anchor piers used by Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry can hold tremendous loads, ensuring the stability of your home’s foundation, regardless of the quality of soil surrounding your home.

Helical anchor piers are only effective when installed by a licensed, experienced contractor that understands how helical anchor piers function. When done correctly, helical anchor piers will support your home permanently and give you peace of mind. To see if this is the right solution for your Richmond, Virginia home, call Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry for a free inspection today.