Hurricane Season Ends this Month, Waterproof Your VA Home

Hurricane Season In Virginia

Waterproofing Virginia during hurricane seasonVirginia has had its share of bad weather, ranging from tropical storms to hurricanes. Hurricanes, like hurricane Sandy, were destructive causing blackouts and basement flooding. That’s why it is important to waterproof your home to prevent these disasters from recurring during hurricane season. At Reliable Waterproofing, we offer quality basement waterproofing in Virginia to keep your home habitable and dry.

Hurricane season ends late Nov., but it is still wise to be thinking about next year. Nature can cause devastating results, but there are ways you can prevent basement flooding during the hurricane season. Take these preventative tips to protect your home.

  • Sump pump: Make sure your sump pump is properly working or invest in a high horsepower sump pump that is made to handle flooding. If you don’t own a sump pump, hire one of our experts to install one. Our heavy duty sump pumps will pump water out of your home to prevent basement flooding.
  • Backup Sump Pump: Ordinary sump pumps depend on electricity from your home. If the power goes out during a storm, so does the normal sump pump. However, a backup sump pump continues to run because it is powered by a battery. Reliable Waterproofing installs effective battery-powered sump pumps to keep your basement safe and dry during hurricane season.
  • Yard Drainage: The outside of your home may contribute to basement flooding. If your home sits in a low area, water will flow towards your foundation. In the event of a hurricane, your basement will flood. Our team of waterproofing experts can install a drainage system to direct water from your home.
  • Gutters and Downspouts: Clogged gutters filled with debris and leaves can cause water to accumulate around your foundation. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out on a regular basis to control water run-off and prevent soil erosion around your foundation.
  • Foundation Issues: Cracks in basement walls and floors should be repaired immediately to prevent water seepage and leaks. If untreated, cracks will become wider allowing pests and other critters into your basement. Also, you can avoid basement flooding and pooling water by hiring out team to install a waterproofing system in your Virginia home.

What are the dangers of having a flooded basement? Water damage can slowly destroy your home’s foundation, crawlspace and basement walls. Waiting to make repairs will only exacerbate the problem, causing you to spend more money on repairs and replacing damaged personal possessions.

Some homeowners may experience health issues like allergic reactions, asthma and lung infections. Flooded basements can also compromise your home’s structure, electrical units and heating equipment. Other dangers include:

  • Wood rot
  • Condensation
  • Metal rust
  • Foundation cracks
  • Basement mold and mildew 
  • Crawl space mold and mildew
  • Foundation crumbling, flaking and chipping

Waterproofing Solutions in Virginia

If you are looking for a waterproofing system to protect your home from hurricane floods, then you come to the right place. Af Reliable, we offer sump pumps, sump pits, interior drainage systems and exterior drainage systems. Our waterproofing products are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in waterproofing and underpinning so you’re getting the latest on the market. They are designed to protect your basement or crawlspace from excess water around your foundation.

However, there are a number of benefits of having a professionally waterproofed basement in Virginia.

  • Reduces energy costs by sealing cracks and air leaks
  • Prevents health risks caused by toxic mold
  • Increases the value of your home 
  • Increases the space of your home so you can convert your basement into an extra living space

Waterproofing your basement will give you peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry everytime it rains. No more mopping floors and replacing carpet! Call Reliable Waterproofing today if you need waterproofing in Virginia. We proudly serve cities within the 100 mile radius of Richmond, VA.