Masonry Repair

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We offer a multitude of masonry services at Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry. Whatever you need, we can help. Masonry work can be one of the most important things when it comes to the value of a home. It adds beauty, appeal, and oftentimes masonry can make the home last longer.


brick pathwayBricklaying is a master craft and should be performed by experts in masonry. It can add to the beauty and value of any home or building. We have many different brick options and can make your home beautiful.

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are made of fly ash or bottom ash and have many applications. They are commonly used for load-bearing walls in conjunction with other materials.

Block Foundations

Block foundations can be a lot stronger than your traditional poured foundations. The size of aggregate is smaller in block foundations than in poured foundations. Sometimes these block foundation walls are reinforced with rebar.


brick chimney repairSometimes chimneys lean over time. This is a danger to you and the homes around you. Don’t wait if this is happening to your home – call us right away. A leaning chimney can also be a sign of foundation failure. The value of your home is too important to let these things go.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to add support for many things such as landscaping or farming, but did you know that basement walls are also considered retaining walls? We have options for you to choose from for your retaining wall projects and we can help you decide which of these options are best suited to your needs.

All Brickwork Applications

We have many other brickwork applications ranging from decorative to commercial. For more information on these applications, call us today for some sample ideas. We would love to share our expertise with you! We also offer brick re-pointing, foundation repair, and waterproofing.

Whatever you need, whether it’s bricklaying, cinder blocks, block foundations, chimneys, retaining walls, or other brickwork applications, you can bet we have it for your masonry repair! We’re dedicated to giving you a professional, quality job that will make you feel secure and your home looking good. Your home is important to you. That’s why it’s important to us. If you need masonry repair in Richmond, Virginia, call Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry today!