Musty Odors in Your Basement

Prevent mold and musty odors with waterproofing by Reliable Waterproofing & MasonryIf you have noticed musty odors in your home and basement, this can indicate serious water damage issues that need to be taken care of immediately. These odors are commonly caused by the growth of mold or mildew in your basement or crawlspace. In humid conditions, moisture will be present and provide a place for mold to grow.

Since your basement doesn’t get a lot of ventilation or sunlight, once water enters, it won’t leave on its own very quickly. It is important for homeowners to be on the lookout for mold, and if you suspect it, try to discover the main source. Here are some common areas that mold likes to grow around the house:

  • At the base of tubs and sinks
  • Near washers and dryers
  • In-wall cavities and drywall
  • On wood beams and frames
  • Underneath carpet and padding

There are many things that can cause water seepage that provides a place for mold to grow. If you have high humidity, poor drainage, leaky pipes, blocked vents, or loose crawlspace doors, you may be prone to water damage. If you are suspicious of mold in your home, it is vital to get it inspected and removed immediately. The presence of mold is very hazardous to your health and can cause serious issues such as skin irritations and infections, asthma, allergies, organ damage, and cancer.

How to Prevent Musty Odors in Richmond, Virginia

When it comes to preventing mold and musty odors in your Richmond, Virginia home, Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry is here to help. We provide several waterproofing and drainage systems to keep your home safe and dry. The number one thing you can do to prevent mold growth and musty odors in your home is to keep water away. We can help you do this by installing interior and exterior waterproofing systems.

Another good investment that you can make is in a dehumidifier. By having one of these in your basement, you can get rid of excess moisture and prevent musty odors caused by stagnant air and mold. Let Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry be your waterproofing specialists in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas. Our team of highly trained professionals would be glad to help you with all of your basement waterproofing and repair needs! Call us today for more information about the services that we offer.