Northern Virginia Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Solutions

Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry Serves all of Northern Virginia for Foundation and Waterproofing Needs

Reliable is well known for their masonry solutions in Virginia. But did you know we also offer the highest quality Northern Virginia foundation repair solutions and waterproofing solutions in Northern Virginia? Virginia is known for heavy rain falls throughout the year. This can wreak havoc on foundations and basements. Water will find the path of least resistance, and if you have foundation cracks, wall cracks, bowing or leaning walls, or other foundation problems, you are going to end up with a wet basement.

So How can Reliable Help with Northern Virginia Foundation Repair Solutions?

We can inspect the inside and outside of your home. We will look for the problems that are signs of a need for Northern Virginia foundation repair. We will look for the following things inside your Northern Virginia home:

Outside we will look for:

If we see these signs, we will find the best solution for your home and budget. There are many different options for both waterproofing and foundation repair.

Waterproofing Solutions for Norther VirginiaSump pumps remove water from wet basements in Northern Virginia

We offer both interior and exterior waterproofing solutions. If water builds up around or under your foundation it could find it’s way into your home. We can use a combination of solutions to resolve this. Sump pumps can pump water out and away from your home’s foundation. We use battery backup sump pumps to ensure that you are protected even when the power goes out. We can install a drainage system from inside to the outside of your home to assist in moving water away from your foundation and toward the street. We offer the highest quality in sump pumps and sump pits and drainage products from Earth Contact Products. With our service and ECP products you can be sure that your basement will remain dry.

Helical Tieback Wall Anchors Add Support for Bowing Walls in Northern VirginiaNorthern Virginia Foundation Repair Solutions

Reliable offers underpinning products that can add support and lift for foundations that are settling and sinking. Helical piers and resistance piers from ECP can be installed easily and without much disturbance to your yard and home. Slab piers can be installed to lift your concrete slab and level it out if there has been settlement or sinking with your garage slab or slab foundation. We will find the right foundation repair product for your specific situation and to fit your budget. Call Reliable today to learn all about our Northern Virginia foundation repair products and solutions. We are a trusted foundation contractor in the Northern Virginia area, and we only use the most trusted products from ECP. We look forward to helping you protect the investment you have in your Northern Virginia home.