Spalling Brick Repair

spalling brick virginiaUnfortunately, outside elements cause bricks to crumble and deteriorate over time. If you notice chipping or flaking brick, hire our professionals to find the source of your masonry problems.

What is spalling, and why does it have damaging effects?

Spalling is the deterioration and chipping away of the brick. It occurs when water enters the brick and concrete surface. Excessive moisture in the surface forces it to crumble and deteriorate over time. Spalling bricks start to develop cracks and loss of surface material around chimneys, in basements and on the home’s exterior. Ignoring spalling can jeopardize the stability of the structure.

What Causes Spalling Brick?

Several factors cause spalling brick, but the main culprit is excessive moisture. Moisture gets trapped inside the brick, causing spalling. Uncured bricks are more susceptible to spalling, especially if they are exposed to hot temperatures. Moisture creates steam inside the bricks, causing them to expand. Other factors include:

  • Heat: Extreme heat conditions caused by fire damage can lead to crumbling, cracking and deteriorating bricks.
  • Freeze and thaw cycles: Freezing and thawing of moisture get trapped under the surface, causing it to expand.
  • Improper gutters and downspouts: Water spilling onto wall surfaces can damage bricks over time.

Preventing Spalling Brick

reliable repairs spalling brick in virginiaTo prevent brick spalling in your home, the key is to eliminate moisture. Proper maintenance and re-pointing the damaged mortar joints help keep brick edges sealed and minimize spalling bricks. For new construction homes, make sure bricks are from a reputable dealer and they use the correct mortar type. Also, hire a professional to inspect your chimney cap, and seal open areas around the chimney.

But the only way to repair this damaged masonry is to replace the brick. At Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry, we remove individual bricks or the entire section of the wall to rebuild it. If spalling is a result of foundation settlement, we’ll use foundation repair methods to stabilize and level your foundation back to normal. This would prevent spalling and other settling issues from recurring. Our foundation repair products are made by Earth Contact Products, so you’ll be getting the latest underpinning on the market.

Regardless of what is causing your masonry problems, we’ll locate the source. Don’t procrastinate correcting brick problems. Contact our experts today so we can save you money on brickwork repairs and restoration. Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry serves the Richmond, Virginia area. Contact us today for an estimate.