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The Problem with Ignoring your Chimney Issues

chimney on roof in front of wispy clouds

What’s the problem?

What is the problem with ignoring your chimney issues? It will be much cheaper and much less hassle to correct minor problems than one very large and disruptive issue. Chimney REPAIRS are significantly cheaper than fixing and replacing a chimney that has fallen onto or off a roof. Chimney repairs can cost in the hundreds to possibly the low thousands. A complete chimney replacement can cost around $10,000 sometimes. That $10,000 replacement does not include repairing the roof if your chimney falls onto it.

repair on roof by chimney

There are many fairly common chimney issues like leaning and titling, pulling away from siding, cracks in the bricks or masonry, fireplace leakage, and chimney settlement. We can help with all of these issues, but it is very important that they are brought to our attention as soon as possible to avoid any major problems. We can also help to address and correct the underlying issue of why the chimney is having issues to begin with. The longer a homeowner waits to make repairs on a chimney, it is more likely that the cost of repairs will continue to increase.

santa putting presents down chimney

 Although it is summer now, winter will be here before we know it, bringing Santa Claus. Santa needs a nice problem-free chimney if he is going to deliver presents. Santa does not want to get hurt because of a neglected chimney, so make sure to get regular inspections and give us a call if an issue arises that needs repairing. 

Prepare your Virginia Chimney for Winter

Cleaning and Prepping Virginia Chimney for Winterpreparing Virginia chimney for winter

If your home has a Virginia chimney it is likely to get most of its use during the winter, and that is why as a homeowner you need to make sure your chimney is clean and safe all year round. Winter is on its way and your home’s heating system, whether it be a furnace or a fireplace, is about to go into overdrive. Your chimney disposes of dangerous byproducts that come from your heating system.

So, before those cold temperatures hit, it is best to make sure that your chimney is in working order. If your chimney is dirty or even blocked, air is not allowed to flow out. In the winter, your house is almost always closed up with all the doors and windows closed. This can leave those deadly pollutants inside your house. We have a list of tips we suggest for preparing your Virginia chimney for the coming winter.

Keep your Virginia Chimney Clean and Safe All Year Round

  • Have your Chimney Professionally Inspected – Homes with a chimney should have their chimney inspection done once per year. This allows the homeowner to have peace of mind that all the parts of the chimney are working and safe. It also removes the possibility of obstructions inside the chimney from affecting your home. Having a certified professional inspect is best because they met certain guidelines to become certified, so you can be sure of the results.
  • Take Note of Abnormalities – You live in your home, so you are its best advocate. If you notice strange smells, drafts that you haven’t noticed before, or other out of the ordinary happenings with your chimney, make sure you take note and remember them when you have your chimney inspected.
  • Keep your Chimney’s Damper Closed When not in Use –  Especially in the winter, you are paying to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If the damper is open, it will allow cool air into your home. This will make your heating system work harder than it should have to in order to keep your home’s temperature constant. You will pay more in energy costs if your damper is open when the chimney is not in use.
  • Check for Chimney Leaks and Water Damage – Just like a roof, basement, or foundation, a chimney can be affected by water damage. If you notice your chimney is leaking or the bricks are cracking or splitting, make sure to contact a professional contractor to fix the water damage. Keeping your chimney up to date and safe will keep your whole home safer and will save you money.

For more information on how to prepare your Virginia chimney for winter, you can contact us here at Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry. We can have a professional come perform a chimney inspection today! We also offer a variety of other services, including foundation repair, waterproofing, masonry repair, and concrete repair. We provide our customers with FREE estimates, as well. Give us a call today! We want to help make sure you can rest easy all year round knowing your home is safe.