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How Do I Prevent Water In The Basement?

Preventing Water In The Basement

Virginia basements can be known to become wet during the spring months. However, there are several options that can ward off unwanted moisture. Preventing water in the basement is not something to put off. In fact, waterproofing your basement sooner than later is definitely going to save you money and time in the long run. That’s why Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry provides quality service and excellent waterproofing products by ECP.

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At Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry, it is our mission to get your home back to safety and security. With our team, you can rest easy knowing that the waterproofing services we provide will protect your home from future water damage. Additionally, we are backed by one of the leading manufactureres of waterproofing products: ECP.

Waterproofing Products We Offer

Some of the waterproofing products we offer include the following:

Utilizing these products and services together will provide you with complete protection against water damage. We service the Richmond, Virginia area and want to ensure your basement, crawl space, or foundation is not damaged to the point of no return. Furthermore, do not wait until there is a major problem before reaching out for professional services. In fact, getting repairs and waterproofing installation can cost a small fortune, so the best way to avoid this is by preventing water in the basement before it is a major problem.

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Noticing Signs of Water Damage This Spring?

Contact us today if you notice signs of water damage such as:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Water stains
  • Wood rot
  • Basement flooding
  • Humid crawl space

If your home does not have proper waterproofing protection, these basic damages can occur quite quickly. This is where we come in. Contact Us today to learn more about our basement waterproofing services. For Virginians, we also provide foundation repair, crawl space repair, masonry, brick re-pointing, and concrete restoration services. Call Us Today at 804-674-0273 for a free estimate.

Affects of Water on Your Virginia Home’s Masonry

If you want to prevent problems from occurring with the masonry on your home, such as your chimney or brick walls, you need to be aware of the different problems that water can cause. Rain water, condensation, humidity, and pooling water are all forms of moisture that could spell trouble for your masonry. That is why it is important to take precautionary measure as much as possible and to regularly check over the masonry on your home for signs of water damage. These water sources can cause problems such as:

Look for these issues in the masonry on your Virginia home. If you see signs such as discoloration, hairline cracks in between the mortar and the brick, poorly filled mortar joints, or larger cracks throughout the mortar, you may be dealing with a water issue in your masonry.

Problems like deterioration and corrosion are causes when the constant exposure to water starts to wear on the brick or stone masonry. Eventually, this could make the entire structure less stable. Cracks can be due to a foundation issue or due to deterioration. Whichever is the case, cracks can lead to moisture seeping into the rest of the home. Cracks and also lead to further structural damage, as they contribute to lower structural integrity in the entire area of the masonry. Spalling is the chipping and flaking of bricks. This is a sort of deterioration that happens when the surface of the bricks is exposed to too much moisture. Another issue that can result from water is efflorescence. This is a white-ish calcium buildup on your bricks or masonry that may indicate water exposure and further moisture problems. These kinds of problems occur commonly when water is allowed to pool against the masonry. Rain that has saturated the masonry can also cause water issues, as it takes a few days to dry, and the drying process can be slowed down by plants or algae.

Solutions for Masonry Water Problems in Richmond, VA

Masonry Water Damage Repair from Reliable Waterproofing and MasonryIf there are cracks in your masonry, the solution may be to invest in foundation repair services from Reliable Waterproofing and Masonry. We offer solutions to close the cracks in your masonry and get your home back to normal. For other masonry water damage issues that you may be dealing with, we can provide masonry repair and basement waterproofing services. We will help you repair damage to get your home looking like new again and fix any recurring water issues to prevent future problems.

Some of the services that we offer for masonry repair are: brick laying and re-pointing, retaining walls, block foundations, and chimneys. If you are in need of basement waterproofing, we offer sump pump systems as well as interior and exterior drainage systems.

Contact a professional from Reliable Waterproofing and Masonry of Virginia today to get your masonry water damage under control and keep further water issues at bay.