The Problem with Ignoring your Chimney Issues

chimney on roof in front of wispy clouds

What’s the problem?

It is very important not to ignore any issues that are happening with your chimney. It will be much cheaper and much less of hassle to correct small issues than one very large and disruptive issue. Chimney REPAIRS are significantly cheaper than fixing and replacing a chimney that has fallen onto a roof or off a roof. Chimney repairs can cost in the hundreds to possibly the low thousands. A full chimney replacement can cost around $10,000 sometimes. That $10,000 replacement is not including the cost to repair the roof if your chimney falls on to it.

repair on roof by chimney

There are many different fairly common chimney issues like leaning and titling, pulling away from siding, cracks in the bricks or masonry, fireplace leakage, and chimney settlement. We can help with all of these issues but it is very important that they are brought to our attention as soon as possible to avoid any major problems. We can also help to address and correct the underlying issue of why the chimney is having issues to begin with. The longer a homeowner waits to maker repairs on a chimney it is more likely that the cost of repairs will continue to increase.

santa putting presents down chimney

 Although it is summer now winter will be here before we know it and with winter brings Santa Claus. Santa needs a nice problem free chimney if he is going to deliver presents. Santa does not want to get hurt because of a neglected chimney so make sure to get regular inspections and give us a call if an issue arises that needs repairing.