Water in Your Yard

water-in-yardOne of the best ways to maintain a good foundation and dry basement is to have adequate yard drainage on your property. A skilled basement waterproofing company, such as Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry, can inspect your home for signs of water problems so you can prevent foundation failure. If you have water in your yard, we are the basement waterproofing experts to help keep water from pooling in your yard and prevent basement flooding. Our experts look for the following drainage issues:

  • Improperly installed downspouts
  • Clogged gutters
  • Malfunctioning sump pumps
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Poor soil conditions

Solutions for Water in Your Yard

Fall Cleanup - Leaves in GutterIf the water surrounding your foundation is due to gutter issues, try cleaning your gutters regularly. Also, lengthen downspouts or fix the slope of the gutter. Check your yard for low spots. This can be fixed by adding topsoil to the ground or grading the slope around the spot. If these solutions do not work and you still have water in your yard, then call our experts for alternative solutions.

Interior Drainage System:
Products that are needed for interior waterproofing installation include water channel, SDS, drain pipe, sump pit with lid, sump pumps, vapor barrier, and a system clean-out. The most effective of the interior drainage system is a perforated drain pipe that is installed inside the perimeter of the footing. This process requires removing and replacing the edge. The drain pipe is placed under the slab to drain the area to a lower level. The drainage pipe attaches to a sump pump system. Here are a few benefits to installing an interior drainage system:

  • Economical – Lower costs because requires less labor
  • Can be installed all year round even during winter
  • Little disruption – Requires removing landscaping and concrete surfaces within a few feet of the foundation
  • Protects your foundation against hydrostatic pressure because water is directed to a pump
  • Eliminates water seepage for walls and floors
  • Soil-related conditions and tree roots will not damage the drainage system

Exterior Drainage System:
Exterior drainage systems protect the basement from moisture, paint destruction, rust, floods, structural damage, health issues, and property value loss. For an exterior drainage system, several products are needed for installation. The installation products help stop water from entering the basement. There are specific advantages that explain the importance of having an exterior drainage system.

  • Drains the soil 
  • Little to no disruption to the inside of the basement
  • Eliminates mold and mildew growth
  • Prevents structural damage
  • Protects against excess water and moisture
  • Prevents water from entering basement walls
  • Increases the home’s value

Both interior and exterior drainage systems are proven to have lasting and positive results for homeowners in Virginia. Our team of experts will guide you through each project to make sure you understand the installation process. Contact us today so we can provide an estimate. Reliable Waterproofing & Masonry offers waterproofing solutions that will keep water out of your yard for good.