What is Brick Re-pointing?

masonry repair

Brick homes are elegant and economically smart investments. They are the go-to choice for people interested in helping the environment and their wallets. For starters, brick is made of clay, an abundant natural product. It will easily last you 100 years or more. It also minimizes CO2 emissions by using less energy for heating and cooling year after year. Reliable Waterproofing and Masonry works helps the Virginia area with all of their Brick Re-pointing needs. Brick re-pointing will restore the look of your beautiful brick home, in addition to restoring the functionality of the insulation properties of bricks.  For all of your Brick Re-Pointing needs call Reliable Waterproofing and Masonry we are your Brick Re-Pointing VA experts.

The pointing of the bricks is the external facing mortar. Over time the changing temperatures and weather conditions will take a toll on the condition of the pointing.  If not taken care of properly, these conditions could create voids in the pointing. Holes in the pointing will catch water and moisture, resulting in mold and mildew.

Mold releases spores into the air that could have a negative affect on you and your family’s health. The longer you leave the pointing of your bricks in poor condition, the more problematic and expensive the situation could become. If you notice issues with your brick pointing call Reliable Waterproofing and Masonry today.

Our expert masonry specialists can fix the pointing in your home.  The first step in the repair process is to remove the damaged area of the brick pointing.  We then proceed to create a new mortar solution that is as close to the original mortar in quality, consistency, permeability, and strength. Then we will proceed to fill the areas that were damaged by the elements.  While this process may sound simple, you will want to contact a professional! Call us today! We are your Brick Re-Pointing VA provider.